my natal chart

bear with me, this is nowhere near done yet lol

sun ☉

our purpose in life is dirived from the sun, much like how the planets revolve around it. the sun shows what we are learning to be. represents identity, personality, ego, and individuality. our "face to the world." in the body, the sun rules the heart, spinal chord, and solar plexus. often taken as codependant

sun in libra

symbol: the scales
ruling planet: venus
element: air
rules: the kidneys

description: balance at all costs. libras spend a lot of time trying not to rock the proverbial boat. often considered untruthful, their tendency to lie doesn't come from malice, but attempts to maintain aforementioned balance and peace. what they lack in directness they make up for in tactful maneuvering. known for keen sense of justice.

positive traits: sociable, intellectual, approachable, cooperative, diplomatic, just, fair, level-headed, affectionate

negative traits: indecisize, snobbish, high maintenance, elitist, superficial, avoidant, can by untruthful, easily peer pressured

moon ☽

moon in libra

born on new moon.

dominant signs

01: libra (28.8%)
02: capricorn (22.6%)
03: sagittarius (15.4%)
04: aquarius (9.27%)
05: virgo (8.24%)
06: aries (6.18%)
07: pisces (4.12%)
08: taurus (3.09%)
09: scorpio (2.96%)
10: cancer (0%)
11: gemini (0%)
12: leo (0%)

dominant elements

air: 34%
earth: 34%
fire: 25%
water: 0%

dominant planets

01: mercury (16.7%)
02: venus (13.3%)
03: uranus (13.3%)
04: neptune (13.3%)
05: sun (11.3%)
06: moon (9.35%)
07: mars (8.86%)
08: jupiter (6.89%)
09: pluto (4.92%)
10: saturn (1.97%)

sun in libra sagittarius in I house1
moon in libra capricorn in II house
mercury in libra pisces in third house
venus in virgo aries in IV house
mars in libra taurus in V house
jupiter in virgo taurus in VI house
saturn in aquarius gemini in VII house
uranus in capricorn cancer in VIII house
neptune in capricorn virgo in IX house
pluto in scorpio libra in X house2
lilith in capricorn scorpio in XI house
n. node in capricorn scorpio in XII house

1 aka ascendant/rising sign 2 aka midheaven

libra collection

if you have any libra pixels, please send them to me?
i collect them :)


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