html & css codes

here's some html and css guides you might find useful in building your neocities site! :)

please note: all codes are offered as is, recommended for folks who are at least semi-familiar with html/css
please do not contact me for further help, i don't have the spoons or time to take requests or give extensive support. sorry!

notes in coding

ever wish you could leave a note in your coding? like, a note that says, "this code does _" because you'll forget (like i do, lol.) fear not! with this code, you can add notes to you coding that won't affect how your pages display! :)


vertically aligned text and images

i would die as a designer without this one tbh lmao. you know how when you place an image in a page, and text right next to it, if the image isn't the same height as the image to begin with things look... bad? but if you try to do an image align, it'll shove it all the way over to the side of the page, not still flush against content? using tables to vertically align everything to the middle gives you cleaner, cuter displays! using padding you can make it so everything's flush, but not squished, too :)

yucky example:

text text text

in this example, you can see that there is awkward space above the text, which isn't very aesthetically pleasing

yummy example:

text text text

in this example, you can see how the roses and text align in the center, vertically. a subtle change, but doesn't this one look a lot nicer? i personally build sooo many menus with this technique lol. maybe other designers find tables archaic but i still find uses for them :)


custom fonts

coming soon!

first letter different color

i personally think this one is super cute if you're trying to make things look fancy, or bring in interest to a certain area. this can be used to make the first letter of different areas different colors! designers often use it to add oomph to headers, but with some clever use of div's you can set it to do things like style the first letter of individual paragraphs, or all paragraphs on a page!

coming soon :,)