loves & hates


aesthetics: pastel kei umbrella, nu goth, menhera

animals: cats, hamsters, manatees

animanga: ergo proxy, evangelion, hunter x hunter, kuroshitsuji, sailor moon, tokyo babylon & x, urusei yatsura, utena, yami no matsuei, yuri on ice

books: lolita, tithe series

colors: black, PASTELS, teal

drinks: hot cocoa, mountain dew: code red, strawberry lemonade, vanilla milkshake

films: labyrinth, repo! the genetic opera, the last unicorn

foods: cheeseburgers, crab, french fries, mashed potatoes, medium cooked steak, rotisserie chicken

games: ace attorney, alice, chrono trigger, fallout, final fantasy, okami, pixel/rpg horror [alicemare, ib, fleshchild, etc.], stardew valley, survival horror [fatal frame, silent hill, resident evil, etc.], the arcana

mascots: little twin stars, menhera-chan, sugarbunnies, pikachu

music genres: broodpunk, post hardcore, synthwave, witch house, whatever akira yamaoka is doing

musical artists: afi, akira yamaoka, black ceiling, disturbed, jack off jill, kajiura yuki, lacuna coil, marilyn manson, red hot chili peppers, the romanovs

other: ava's demon, coding, collecting stickers, design, folklore, gaia online, guro, kegadoru, menhera, labyrinth, line play, my friends, my mom, my pets, mythology, occult, online trading card games, planners, pinterest boards, pixel art


ableism, bad smells, bees, bright light, bugs, chronic pain, high pitched noises, homophobes, hot weather, hypocrites, insomnia, loud noises, loud bass, mean people, migraines, nazis, purity culture, redundancy, spicy food, terfs, yams