welcome to gutz! this is a lil' nostalgia site based on a website i used to run pre 2010 :)



i bleached and dyed my hair recently, which gave me the mind to make a tutorial on it lol. also fucked around and took some quizes :,)

you: tutorials

me: tutorials


happy new year everybody! uwu

i added a some new pages. dollz, for adopted... well, dollz lol, and toybox, for adopted odds and ends. i also did some general maintenance!

i've been trying to make the site more firefox-friendly, since i use chrome, and i found out scrollbars were super wonky, so everything got shifted around a bit. i also found out that doing that, i messed up the menu so some options weren't available... that's fixed now orz

i also dictated some secondary fonts, so hopefully things are more legible on firefox. some other maintenance was i prettied up the "this" page so the ideas section looks cuter, and switched the text alignment on a lot of pages so it's not all centered. also added an old-school clique to signify sometimes there's cuss words on this site :,)

this: dollz
this: toybox
this: general
overall site: general


added a couple new pages! i added some recs for fallout 4 mods, and a recs page in general. keep an eye out for more recs in the future

you: recommendations


added a new link to them. i messed the coding on another link up and fixed that as well lol :,)

i also added a new page, fonts! :)

you: fonts
them: links


added a new link to them! also updated a banner on that page

them: links


turns out mediafire changed their settings, and all files uploaded to their servers are not public by default. i got a request to share the winamp skins bc the files weren't public ;w; sorry for the inconvenience! i tested it in an incognito window, and now all the files should be public and actually able to be downloaded now!

you: winamp skins


yay, some progress :) technically, tutorials was always here, just a direct link to a guide on making friendship bracelets... but i thought it made more sense to sub-organize any other tutorials on an actual tutorials page. i consider that an "update" to it :,) i also edited some lil markers to keep track of what's new content, and what's been updated! i also added a new page for winamp skins :)

you: winamp skins

you: tutorials


this: added table to splash page and changed the background so it's more interesting lol


added some stuff! :)

them: new link to cybersparkle!

me: added some new quiz results!

this: made the updates page cuter :,)


added a page!

this: adopted


added a page!

me: original characters


lot of pages added!

me: loves/hates, quizes

you: tutorials >> how to make a friendship bracelet

this: history, comment box, guestbook

them: credits


somehow the original main page with updates and stuff got deleted? ):

oh well. i remade it lol