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note: since this website is built in neocities, i have neocities in mind when i made this page. your mileage may vary. tweaks may need to be made to apply to your situation if you're hosted elsewhere, but since these are general tips they should also be applicable to other hosts. i also use a windows pc, so things might need to be tweaked for mac users as well

editing .html files locally

i imagine this is a problem that happens to neocities users: you edit your page in the built-in web editor, hit save, then go to the page to see the changes. par for the course. the only problem is... suddenly you've got 10,000 "hits" on your neocities stats. you know bc you've been tinkering and refreshing your own pages to get everything juuuust right that those numbers aren't accurate. "that me -_-" this can also happen with general web counters, depending on how your counter counts visitors orz

worse yet, recently due to an influx of users, it's been putting a lot of strain on neocities servers. server strain = downtime

a solution to help assuage these problems is to have your pages saved on your own hard drive, so you can edit and view to your heart's content with no affect on your views and with less strain on the servers uwu

step 01: make a folder on your hard drive where you're going to store your files. this will kind of act as the "dashboard" for your locally hosted files. if you have subfolders on your neocities, i recommend making those subfolders in this folder as well

step 02: go into your neocities dashboard where all of your files are. hover over the .html file you want to save, and right click. select "save link as." a menu will pop up, and whatever your file was named on neocities should appear in the file name box, and the file type should be listed as html document. download all your files like this. if you have folders, you need to go inside of them and manually save everything since you can't save the entire folder this way ): you'd also need to resave assets for things to show up properly, so download your stylesheets, images, and script files as well

step 03: now that everything's downloaded, organize the files the way you have them on neocities. ie, if you have an "images" folder, plop those files in that folder on your hard drive as well. basically this is going to be an entire mirror of your file structure on neocities, just... saved to your hard drive :,) if you have subfolders, please be aware you might need to copy/paste your css file into the folders to see your design. i recommend keeping things like images in their folders, but keeping all the .html files in the same directory as your .css file, or linking to the full path of the file from your neocities

step 04: download and install notepad++. this text editing program will allow you to edit the files without changing what type of file they are

step 05: right click on the file you want to edit. select "edit with notepad++." this will open a text editor where you'll see your file basically like you would on neocities, and be able to edit it the same way! make your edits, and from the top menu selec "file > save." voila, the page is saved! you can also edit .css files this way if you realize you need to tweak your design lol

step 06: the html files you have saved probably will use an icon related with your browser. for example, since i use chrome, my files have a little chrome icon attached to them. if you double click on your file, it should open in your browser of choice, and you should be able to view the changes that were made! :D

step 07: drag and drop the files from your folder into your neocities dashboard, and there you have it! your file will overwrite what is currently on neocities, and will present the update on your activity feed the same way as if you hit save in the built-in neocities editor!

notes: when you set a file parameter, usually you'll just... not have to hard code the full url. for example, for an image, you can use "/imagesfolder/filename.png" instead of the full url when you use the img html tag. so you should be able to see your images, because it will automatically use the folder on your pc as the source folder. but... if you want to directly upload images to neocities and then use the full urls you can do that too :,)

i mentioned before how a .css file might not reflect properly if it's not in the same folder as the .html files, so this is an instance where it might be better for you to use the full filepath from neocities to see your stylesheet reflected on your pages

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