mp3 rotation

back in the day we used to have what we called mp3 rotations, where we would... well, rotate links to mp3 files hosted for download :,) tl;dr it was the late 90s and early 2ks version of music recs lol. while i could technically just create a playlist or link youtube videos, i thought this method was was still a fun idea if folks wanna listen on winamp or something :3c or if a track is rare and more difficult to find

note: technically speaking, these files are NOT for keeps. they are provided as SAMPLES, and meant to be deleted within 24 hours of downloading. please support the artists if you enjoy their work! /legal disclaimer orz

may 03, 2021

porcelain and the tramps - redlight district
"take you to my private room, i'll make you dirty boys blush"

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