stardew valley mod recs

all the mods i like and play stardew valley with! j


i have a ranking system in place! this is the key to it :) the reason they're ranked is sometimes when you want (or need, rip) to go lighter on resources ya gotta prioritize, yanno?

mmm three thumbs up: what i consider necessary for a playable game. these are "i absolutely can not go back to playing vanilla game bc i need these to enjoy it at all" mods lol
mm two thumbs up: not necessary per ce, but definitely improve quality of life when playing. these might provide more immersion, look much better, or add a function that makes more sense to me
m one thumb up: i just think they're neat uwu mainly minor aesthetic improvements, but some might also be on the cheat-y side
w bow: things marked with a bow note how i'm using something in my game; i often mix and match different mods to get a full aesthetic i like lol and i might make a mod combining guide in the future

note: some files have been deleted by their creators. i backed them up on my personal mediafire for safe keeping, and i offer the links to them. sdv mods often need to be updated, so bear in mind some files might not work, and i am not responsible if anything happens to your save ;A;

aesthetic: craftables, tools, & weapons

m arcades into consoles: makes arcade cabinets cute little consoles
m candle torch replacer: replaces torches with a much cuter candle
mm catcrows: replaces scarecrows with adorable cats w using the white cat edited to match yellog buildings as the base and deluxe scarecrow
m coordinated crafting bars: makes all the smelting bars uniform in size and shape
m crystal mini obelisk: turns the mini obelisks into cute little crystals
mm cute valley: does a lot; check it out lol w using pink tools, heart sprinklers, and craftables with hearts on them
m pastel weapons: see mod name :,) w i switched around some assets so the galaxy sword is the pink/lavender one bc i didn't like the lollipop lol
m ran's farm decor: replaces certain things with cuter versions w using the cat statue replacements
mm shardust's colorful: pick and choose what items are what color with tons of options! w currently using almost everything in ash, cocoa and spinel

aesthetic: animals

m elle's cat replacements: you can customize and choose what your cat looks like w using white
m elle's new barn animals: you can customize and choose what your barn animals look like w using solid brown & spotted black cows, solid white goats, solid white sheep, solid pink pigs
m elle's new coop animals: you can customize and choose what your coop critters look like w using green dinosaurs, white & brown brahma chickens, red eyed void chickens, blonde ducks, white rabbits
m elle's new horses: you can customize and choose what your horse looks like w using prismatic white with purple saddle
m lively frog sanctuary: gives sebastian's pet frog a nicer habitat

aesthetic: exteriors

mm kyuk's goddess statues: makes the obelisks pretty statues
mm medieval buildings: makes everything look, well... medieval :,) w using the junimo hut, fish pond, and shipping bin
   → medieval fish well: smaller fish pond matching the medieval buildings
mm project yellog town overhaul: makes buildings throughout the town match yellog's wood buildings
mm tall haystack silo replacer: makes silos a haystack :,) w currently using a personal recolor of this to match eemie's palette
mmm yellog's wood buildings: makes all buidlings a cute beige wood w using almost everything
m victorian mailbox: makes the mailbox cuter

aesthetic: farmhouse interior

m custom furniture: allows you to have numerous furniture packs to mix and match! does not replace the defaults, rather it lets you have additional sets
   → sweetheart: cute pink and white set
   → barfyscorpion: cute beige, pink, and blue set
   → hamster and guinea pig: adds a hamster cage or guinea pig tank!
   → mi's elegant victorian: classy dark wood set
   → modern gothic: classy dark wood set
   → yellog's: classy dark wood set
   → yellog's dark wood and cream: another classy dark wood set
   → yellog's pink: cute pink set
m custom walls and floors: allows you to have numerous wallpaper and floor packs to mix and match! does not replace the defaults, rather it lets you have additional sets
   → custom walls and floors depot: a pack for cwf including cerri's and missy's sets
   → shen's walls n floors: a pack for cwf including shen's set
   → wood wainscotting: a pack for cwf including krissy's sets
m diycp: home decor: let's you easily replace home decor defaults using pngs w using walls and floors
   → shardie's walls and floors (og): matches shardust's interior (ash and cocoa)
m kitty channels: makes the tv channels feature cute cats
mm shardust's interior: includes beds, kitchen, and trim w using the spinel kitchen and ash trim

aesthetic: fences & paths

m shardust's: cute colors, mix and match options. also includes hedge and vine options! w using almost everything
m yellog's: adds flowers that match their wooden buildings w i replaced one of shardust's fences to use this lol

characters: farmer

m coii's hats: replaces vanilla hats with cuter ones
m customize anywhere: adds a dresser to the game allowing you to change your farmer's appearance with vanilla options
mm delotti 18 hairstyles: adds 18 cute hair styles to the game w god i love the wavy side ponytail so much
m delotti look package: adds tons of shirts and skirts to the game w i stick to an outfit from this p much
m eye shadow texture: this does not add makeup lol... rather, it adds a literal shadow to the eye colors so they have more dimension
m hats won't mess up hair: see mod name :,)
m sailor styles: adds sailor moon themed clothes, hair, and hats to the game! works with customize anywhere and vanilla functions
mm space boots to steel-toed boots: see mod title :,) w i basically always wear these

characters: npcs

mm canon-friendly dialogue expansion: sick of npcs saying the same three lines over and over again? this helps with that
mmm katekat's overhaul: portraits w using almost everyone
   → dmerco's beach variants: adds the new beach outfits to the portraits
m porcelaine's wizard: makes you want to polish the wizard's wand (ಠ‿ಠ) w using portrait + sprite
mm shorter-haired sebastian: gives sebastian's sprite less ridiculous hair
mmm usernameslogin's bachelors: portraits w using alex, sebastian, sam, and elliot; this has been my fave portraits for these characters for y e a r s lol

gameplay mechanics

mmm tree transplant: lets you move trees
mm automate: automates machines


mmm a toned down stardew valley: overhauls the colors of the town so they won't Hurt Your Eyes
mm clean cellar: makes the cellar look like robin built it yesterday instead of 100 years ago lol. also removes the extra barrels that were in the way so you have more room
m coop and barn facelift: makes the inside of coops and barns nicer; gives the option of different wallpapers, and an option with darker wood to match eemie's map recolor and a toned down stardew valley w using pink wallpaper with dark wood
mmm eemie's just a new map recolor: vastly improves the colors of the outdoors so it won't Hurt Your Eyes. also adds incredibly cute flower grass
mmm greener standard farm map: replaces most of the dirt with grass and adds leaf trim around the farm so it looks like a grove! w using a tweaked version; i edited out the ponds, made the entire thing grass, and added a ridge to the top right

tweaks & quality of life

m artifact system fixed: fixes a glitch with artifact spawning
mmm automatic gates: automatically opens gates when you approach them
mmm automated doors: automatically opens doors on barns and coops
m better fruit trees: makes planting fruit trees no longer limited by space
m better garden pots: bees collect from flowers in garden pots, sprinklers water them, etc.
mmm combat controls: turns farmer in direction of your selection, making combat less clunky
mm walk through trellis: walk through trellises instead of around them

user interface

mm berry season reminder: notes days berries are available on the calendar
m better jukebox: makes it easier to select songs in the jukebox
m chests anywhere: access chests... from anywhere :,)
mmm community bundle item tooltip: tells you if an item is needed for the community center
m configurable cute tool hit marker: makes the hit marker... cuter :,)
mm convenient chests: allows you to categorize chests and automatically stash things inside, among other things. compatible with chests anywhere
mmm daily tasks report: tells you what tasks you have to do, such as if there's still crops that need to be watered, if things need to be collected, your cat needs to be pet, etc.
m lighter emotes: see mod name :,)
mmm skip intro: makes getting into the game to play much faster
m tidy crafting menu: makes crafting menu easier on the eyes
mmm ui info suite: does so many useful things... must-have, trust me
mmm vintage interface: cuuute interface w using brown/white; before brown was available i used white for y e a r s lol
mm yellog flower dialogue ui: adds flowers matching yellog's buildings to the dialogue menu! works with vintage interface original file was deleted off the nexus, so i reuploaded it for safekeeping

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