tarot deck collection

i love tarot! and i've collected a fair amount of decks since i was 9 years old! my first deck was a birthday gift from my mom, and i kept it with polished stones and incense in a wooden cigar box. i... outgrew the cigar box, to say the least :,)

fun fact i'm throwing out there: my patron card is IX of swords, because fuck me, i guess. my birth cards are the sun, wheel of fortune, and the magician


this one has unique art, and themed around one of my favorite films, labyrinth. being themed, it doesn't closely match og cards unfortunately. the minor arcana suites were repurposed, and some i like, but others i question lol. i squinted at pentacles becoming junk until i thought "maybe in the goblin city junk is currency...?" still not sure. i also get feathers in this case being weaponized like swords, but... eh. another choice i get in theory but still squint at is replacing any of the major arcana, and they switched the devil to the demon and the lovers to the dancers? and it's people from the masquerade sequence??? but jareth and sarah dance with each other in that sequence??? i would have made different choices here lol

  • wands = poles
  • pentacles = junk
  • swords = feathers
  • chalices = pots
my favorite card is the hanged man, because it's depicted by ludo caught in the tree lol. i really like queen of feathers too. shoutout to them making sarah the fool, as it's her journey, and jareth the magician. i also lost my shit at the hierophant being hoggle

my nitpicks aside, it's still really cool as an oracle, especially if you're a labyrinth fan

my friend amber got it for me as a surprise gift and i do love it ;w;

mystical manga

this is my current personal favorite deck, so naturally i use it the most and it resonates with me the most lol. i've had wonderful insights with this deck and also.... some not so wonderful... but them's the breaks i guess. this one i keep in its own drawer with a rose quartz :,)

it's not themed, and uses a manga aesthetic to depict the cards

nightmare before christmas

themed around the film the nightmare before christmas. very cute if you love the film and tarot!

as a deck, the arcanas are loosely represented in the card images (such as the sun not featuring a sun but christmas lights), but if you're familiar with tarot it's not that difficult to figure out. i do wish more themed decks would follow og decks more for the major arcana tho. the minor arcana suites were replaced to fit the theme, but again it's not difficult to parse lol. for the theme i think the repurposing was fair

  • wands = candles
  • pentacles = presents
  • needles = swords
  • chalices = potions
my fave card is judgement bc it's interpreted as santa's naughty list lmao. the lovers is also very pretty featuring jack and sally

this was a gift from my friend jasmine

star spinner

this one is so soft, dreamy, and almost ephemeral lol. very pretty. it's also very cool in that it represents multiple ethnicities and cultures! shoutout to the artist for offering numerous version of the lovers, where it can be het or queer uwu. however, the depictions are fairly loose. (ex. V of wands - even tho it's one of my faves, it fails to actually depict the nuance the card is supposed to display. they depict it as a fairy curled up around the five wands, but it's meant to be numerous hands holding the wands, implying conflict or rallying together... i just don't get those vibes from this version of the card)

i think they have some fairy tale references going on as well? what really stuck out to me was V of chalices, which depicted mermaids in the sea presenting a knife to a woman on the deck of a ship in the moonlight... which is a scene from hans christian anderson's the little mermaid, where the sisters offer the mermaid a knife to stab the prince to grow her tail back after bathing in his blood i get how they're relating the image to the card meaning, but... unfortunately it bothers me when barely anything of the original card is present in a deck that's supposed to be a generic deck and not themed ):

my fave card is VII of swords. idk i just vibe with it lol. i also like V of wands


this is my tertiary deck, my second favorite and it was my primary for a decade before i got the manga deck. my mom got it for my 21st birthday, and yes that was on purpose

this one is themed after the animanga x (aka x/1999). it's one of my fave series, and the authors actually purposefully planned 21 volumes in the series to match the major arcana. several characters arcs are even based on the cards (ex. the fool is a character who died before the series even began - but her death started it all. oof on the symbolism.) the series, and therefore the deck, is illustrated by clamp - so naturally it's gorgeous lol. for being themed, they actually kept it very close to the usual interpretation of the cards (ex. the magician has one arm up toward heaven, and an arm down toward earth (OOF), there's an infinity symbol, he wears a red cloak, tools from the minor arcana suites are present, etc.) tl;dr clamp did their homework and this is the most accurate themed deck i own

my favorite card is the hanged man, bc subaru's my fave character, and oof that Symbolism. my second fave is death, and while i love seishirou i love this card for how macabre it is, not for him lol. the devil also's got me like [eyeball emoji] my only issue with this deck is the cards are very Tall. like, super tall. it's hard to make a larger spread because they don't all fit on my desktop lol. this deck was created by the same ladies that made cardcaptor sakura, and therefore the clow, and boy howdy can you see it when you compare the dimensions of these cards lol

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