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this is gutz, a little website where i can live out my web nostalgia. back in the day, circa 2000-2008, i used to run various websites across various platforms. (i was 9 when i first started coding, if that helps anyone know how old i an.)

i started with a humble little site hosted on geocities that i don't even remember the name of. at that point, everything was basic html and tables. from there, i learned some css on neopets, coding user lookups and guild layouts. everything was still basically tables (fun fact: i still love using tables to really tweak stuff lol) but there was at least div placement and i didn't have to manually include the html for every page background. eventually i turned into an edgy 12 year old, and i was still hosted on geocities, but i got a .tk short domain, resulting in (another fun fact: in middle school i wrote my web address on my binder to promote my site; i got in trouble with my teachers.)

then myspace happened

from an edgy 12 year old i graduated into a full-fledged edgy emo teen. on top of a myspace, i had a vampirefreaks, and you bet your sweet ass i kept them both looking stylish. my coding prowess grew, and i finally decided i would build a personal website akin to the greats, such as (goodnight sweet prince.) the result was the fondly remembered wonderland syndrome. this time around hosted on angelfire once geocities became geoshitties. (there was a code to remove angelfire ads at the time, and in all seriousness they're still a fairly good host, considering og wonderland syndrome is still technically up right now!) i distinctly remember being a scene kid and making a raquel reed layout, and i thought it was soooo cool because i used a paintbrush to make wings on her that matched her hair, and honestly? i peaked with that design lmao

wonderland syndrome lasted a good 5 years! i eventually succumbed to the pressure of being a highschool upperclassman, along with devastating depression/anxiety and undiagnosed autism. wonderland syndrome was just... never updated again. it was a good run, though!

so, here we have the spiritual successor to wonderland syndrome, gutz! it really reminds me of something i'd name it when i was a wee lass lol. hell, it actually features some recycled pages from the old site (please don't look up the old site lol i was a terrible teenager

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