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winamp is a media player that was the player of choice in the early 2000's, and even clinging on to life in some of the later 2000's. as a matter of fact, it's still available for download, even today! :) but since so many people now stream their media on things like spotify, folks just don't use media players like they used to. it's a shame, because winamp has the awesome ability to change skins to entirely custom ones, not "the default with maybe some color options that are still ugly" king of skinning options. like, entirely custom skinning! because of this, lots of people used to make some neato skins back in the day!

this little gallery is some of my personal collection that i've used since way back when!

disclaimer: i did not make any of the skins available here. unfortunately, due to it being up to 20 years in some cases, i have no idea where these were originally obtained, or the links are entirely dead. ): (some credits are available in the creator's readme file but, again, dead links. all i can say is every file in the zip was originally there.) if you made one of these skins and it's a problem that i've posted them, please drop me a line and i'll remove them! please be aware that i don't post these out of malice, but because i genuinely love old school winamp skins, and i think these are so nice they deserve to be shared


click on the skin to download it in a .zip file! :)


a guide on how to use winamp skins is available here :)


want more skins? here's some places to get some :)

malionette's da gallery

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